Meet Our Team- Mike Chan

October 26, 2018

This week, we are featuring our brakes subsystem leader, Mike Chan (ChemE 2021).



How did Hyperloop open the door to many opportunities that affected your Cooper career?

"Hyperloop has allowed me to gain hands-on experience with intensive aspects of design and fabrication that normally, as a ChemE, could not have been obtained from the curriculum alone. I have learned the fundamentals of the mechanical design of a complex system and the multifaceted nature of considerations in design, relating to economic, manufacturability and time constraints. Furthermore, I have become very adept in 3D modeling software, and in machining parts using both the mill and lathe. Overall I have gained an engineering sense of how things work and how to approach complex systems that can only truly understood from hands-on experience. I believe this skill, in addition to the numerous other skills I have gained, will allow for greater opportunity in the job market and a broader level of understanding with other engineers in the workplace."

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