December Progress Update

January 23, 2019

The months of November and December saw our team making

 great progress towards our goals. We have started preparing for the submission of the Final Design Report to SpaceX and each
team has been individually making progress.


In November and December, the controls and navigation team completed their controls codes, and fully tested the navigation system and its response to fiducial sensor inputs. All control boards were proven to communicate successfully.

The brakes team delved into pneumatics system design, which actuates the brakes and the acceleration normal force providing clamping mechanism. They purchased all parts needed for a complete setup of the pneumatics system in order to execute an operational test.

Acceleration and stability drive wheels have also been sourced, and the design finalized. However, they will not be fabricated and physically tested until the build stage. Propulsion power transfer assembly has also been sized and finalized.

Lastly, the airframe group continued the quest to solve drag analysis simulations. They have almost completed the shell structure design, and the internal structural frame to the shell structure. The materials and fabrication methodology of the shell structure has been decided and the necessary components to build a scaled model of the shell have been purchased.


The business team is continuing to reach out to companies and alumni to raise funds for the team. On this note, we would like to thank all our sponsors for helping us get to this stage. As one of the 52 teams selected from hundreds, we are swiftly moving towards the next phase of the competition and we would greatly appreciate your sponsorship. Please click here to learn more about our sponsorship program.

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